Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Tale of Two Christmases

(in photos)

I finally got a photo of one of our window decorations. We ended up with 7-8 different pictures telling the Christmas story. There were a few casualties, but we still had enough to decorate each window.


On Christmas Eve we had a little service at church. Dec. 25th is a work day, so we just had a short service and then lingered for some refreshments. Also, some ladies from church made handmade gifts for the children, which turned out wonderfully.

The kids made the angels hanging in the background. :)

And finally, January 7th was Russian Christmas. Our Bible study decided to observe the occasion by creating a manger scene out of clay.

We also had a concert on January 9th to wrap up the holiday season. We heard hymns, poems, and other meditations on the meaning of Christmas.

As you can tell, I had a very creative holiday season! What's next? ....Easter?


  1. That is SO cool! The idea of the Bible study doing the manger scene from clay. I LOVE it! Adults don't get the chance to be creative very often. Why is that, I wonder? If you cannot be creative within your job, that's about it for you. Fortunately, I can be creative within my job, but I take all other opportunities, too!

  2. Yep, I find it very therapeutic. :)


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