Sunday, August 23, 2009


The bunny on the left was made by my mother, and I love the way it is posing as if lying on a therapist's couch.

Speaking of therapy...well, not really...but it just hit me that I have less than a month before leaving for Russia.

It's funny that there should be any stress at all since I have gone back and forth so many times. But I suppose when the trip is longer, you have higher expectations. Therefore, I suddenly thought...but I have SO much to do! I'll never do it all.

So I now have an official to-do list. Of course I still have time, but there is still a wedding before I go, and my brother arriving from Congo.

Oh, and I have to apply for a visa. Minor detail. I'm still waiting for my invitation and hoping and praying that all the information will be correct...


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