Saturday, August 15, 2009

Camp and St. Petersburg

No camp for me this summer! But I hear that St. Petersburg camps have been buzzing with life, as always.

Around the Internet I've seen reports of fellow laborers who've been at camp with the orphans I work with. I am so glad that they got some attention this summer! The orphans are often rather isolated at camp, so it's great for them to meet some new friends for a change. Better yet, they may have heard the Gospel from visiting teams. Maybe I'll return to see some changed kids. But as another school year in the orphanage begins, life hasn't gotten any easier.


Another "camp" has recently risen out of the ashes of an estate on former Finnish territory that had become overgrown. It's been offered to local Christians in St. Petersburg, to use at least for a time.

My church is one of the groups that has been breathing new life into the camp and using it for running summer camp as well as family vacation times.

A colleague of mine has some more information about the camp on his blog.

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