Sunday, November 2, 2008

A setback

My plans, my plans, my beautiful plans! I even posted them in my sidebar. And now they've changed...

The attorneys handling our work permits apparently have changed their minds about the date and are now saying December. Instead of October. So instead of getting a 1-yr visa which I thought I would have within a month, I have to leave the country anyway...and come back in on another temporary visa.

I suppose it doesn't make a huge difference, except that I will have to make another visa trip to Finland or somewhere in a few months when the work permit is finally ready. I had planned on my current visa ending at the same time the work visa was ready.

The work permit, by the way, has been in progress since June.

I think I need to buy myself a mobile home that I can just park in whatever country necessary.


  1. oh how well put---plans have changed!
    We have to "go away" too and then come back.

  2. Well, I'll look forward to hearing about your "outing".

  3. Sorry to hear about that but hope something good comes out of it. Have fun at the movies tomorrow.


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