Sunday, May 4, 2008


The other day I was visiting some Russian friends and the mother was really worried about dressing her child for the weather. It was hot, yet a wind could suddenly develop. The child was sweating in a hat, but without her head covered, she would surely catch a cold immediately. Finally my friend found a light bonnet that was a little small but would do the job. Saved!

Meanwhile, it has been in the 70's and sunny for the past few days. Combine that with holidays, and you can guess that Russians spent a lot of time outside. Today was the first day back at work (actually today was Friday since Friday was Sunday), and you could see a lot of people walking around with sunburns. They obviously hadn't applied sunscreen. And I wondered, why are Russians so meticulous about dressing their children, but careless about sunburns?

But at the same time, I realized that Americans are just as foreigners, I mean. I wonder what Africans are like?


  1. Лиза, это зависит от региона. На юге страны люди очень даже внимательны к солнечным ожогам и т. п. Мы народ северный радуемся редкому в наших краях солнышку :)

  2. Понятно. Значит,надо было написать "Петербуржцы." Россия же большая страна!

    Но все-таки...радоваться можно более отвественно. :)


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