Monday, May 12, 2008

Night train to Moscow

A few months back, someone asked me if I would travel to Moscow alone (as a young woman). I said that I wouldn’t.

But now, it has become necessary. I have to visit the Congolese consulate there to get my visa to Africa.

I will be back on Wednesday, hopefully with a good report!


  1. just found your blog. i'm a single ex-pat and living in st.p, too...though i'm firmly out of my 20's. i've travelled to moscow alone several times with no problem. i take the fast train and not the overnight, though.


  2. Hi Kate, thanks for stopping by. I think I had previously stumbled across your blog as well. I took the overnight train to avoid spending a night in Moscow!

  3. You two SHOULD get to know each other! What with the interest in orphanage and all....


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