Thursday, February 28, 2008

God cares for orphans, Part 4

In an example of a best-case scenario, one of my English students has found a home in a Christian family.

You may remember Lolita, 10, from earlier posts. She has now been adopted by an American woman. Lolita met her new mom through a hosting program that brings kids to the U.S. to stay in families during Christmas and summer vacation periods. This gives them a chance to get to know each other a little bit before pursuing adoption. Now that the adoption has been completed, Lolita’s mom reports that they are doing fine and that Lolita is enjoying school. Praise the Lord!

Many kids are being adopted through this program. Let’s pray that the children would receive the true Spirit of Adoption as they are being loved and given a home by families who are following the Lord.

This seems like a good opportunity to share about a dream I had a few years ago.

I was walking down a main street and came upon a rally of some sort. People were marching with banners that said “Abba.” I looked around and spotted some orphans I knew, from Lolita’s orphanage. They were cheering for “Abba” along with everyone else. I was a bit concerned, assuming that they didn’t know what they were shouting about. I approached the children and asked, “Do you know who Abba is?” “Yes,” they chorused. “He is God, our Father.”

I was surprised at their depth of knowledge. Upon waking, I wondered how much of the Truth was absorbed by the kids at summer camp when we shared the Gospel with them daily. I wonder how many of them know the Father and are able to cry out to Him as they wait for families.

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