Thursday, November 22, 2007

Update on the Crying Boy

Yesterday's kids were difficult, but today's kids were angelic. I will focus on today's kids, because I'm just not sure what to think about yesterday's.

Liosha (from last week) was smiling and cheerful today, even chatty. That is, until the hairdressers came and he hid in the closet. I wonder what makes him so afraid of people? Although, I'm afraid of the hairdresser too.

Denis, also timid, was eager for English today too. And he kept making this show of pulling my chair out for me.

Then Roma surprised me by also being willing to do English. Normally he is stand-offish.

Finally, I went to the younger group and tutored another Roma, the sweetest boy. I always scold myself for thinking kids are sweet and letting them manipulate me, but he truly is. It was very pleasant.

So basically I spent the day surrounded by angelic English students. Was it all a dream?

And now I've written the most boring post ever, all because there is nothing negative to analyze!

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