Friday, March 13, 2020

And so it begins (Lent and Lethargy)

A week or two ago I felt like I was coming down with something. It was a weird combination of symptoms: fatigue, sore throat, but also a bit of a GI bug.

It wasn't really progressing, but it was the middle of the week and I figured I had picked up something at church on Sunday. I just couldn't get my energy back, though! And suddenly I recognized the feeling. In the spring every year I usually have a period where I'm totally dragging all the time. Not the same as winter malaise, a special springtime variation where the sun is out, everything is good, and yet I just want to sleep all the time. I've been attempting late afternoon couch time, but that also happens to be Sophia's neediest time, go figure...maybe it makes her nervous when I lie down.

I have a few old posts on "avitaminosis"...I just checked them and they were written in May, BUT with the mild winter, maybe things are just happening a bit out of order this year?

To get some energy back, I determined to get more sleep. Sometimes I think it's ridiculous that I don't get enough sleep, since I don't get up early for work,'s always something.

Of course as soon as I decided I was going to sleep more, there were needing a cuddle, or the bedroom being too hot because it was warmer outside and the heat was still going full-blast. Etc. And then finally one night Andrei took over with Sophia, and when David got up early he quietly went about his business...a miracle! And I got some sleep. And then a few more nights after that I got probably 7 hours.

I also got back onto the vitamin regimen. I still feel sleepy, but no longer on the verge of getting sick!

I know it's not a very interesting story, but following the seasonal patterns is always comforting to me.

Speaking of seasons, Lent is here. It's always interesting to see which holidays end up close to each other. This year we had Men's Day (Feb 23), followed by Butter Week and then the start of Lent. A week after that we had International Women's Day, and then Purim. Speaking of Purim, we didn't actually have time to have a celebration, but the words "for such a time as this" have been bouncing around my head and showing up everywhere...maybe because of the holiday, maybe just something that God is showing me.

I don't have any plans for this period before Easter. In my son's Bible readings for homeschool we JUST started the NT (and read Esther not too long ago), so it's perfect that we can read about Christ's life during this time of year. That is really my favorite way to observe Lent...not to only talk about the Cross the whole time, but to meditate on Christ's life, before getting to the death and resurrection... though of course there's always a connection.

How about you?


  1. My goodness! I hardly recognize your blog! It feels so strange. I am just so overwhelmed by the virus issues now that I can hardly think. I read about one bishop who dispensed anyone whose Lenten commitments were either now too difficult to perform, or whose virus situation was already a penance in and of itself. That's how strange things are. However, Monnie and I have been doing a Scripture reading based on a Lenten booklet each morning, and that's been going well. I also TELL her a Bible story each morning as we drive to school (or did.....) and that has been just extraordinary. The thoughts and connections and insights that come to me while doing this are so abundant that I recommend it to everyone now! (You included!)

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! Yeah, I'm thankful that our homeschool curriculum includes daily Bible readings...even reading from a Children's Bible we learn a lot, and then tie it to other references.


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