Friday, December 20, 2019

December doldrums

Excited to be writing my 28th post of 2019, making this only my second-least productive blogging year. :) That's still more than 2 per month-not bad, right?

So, how has December been treating you? Are you on as much of a roller coaster as we have been?

December started out with a few inches of snow, fluffy and beautiful for the first Advent. It was so nice!

Speaking of Advent, I managed to get out the candles and a minimum of other decorations just in time. I couldn't find the Jesse Tree ornaments, so I had my son coloring a print-out. He did great! Speaking of print-outs, I used to search for Advent (and general Sunday school materials) back 10 years ago, before Pinterest was really used, and before people monetized their blogs. Maybe there was less on the Internet not as much to choose from, but at least it was free! It actually took me a while to find a sheet of really simple Jesse Tree symbols to print out in black and white. I understand that monetizing is pretty widely accepted nowadays, but I also felt you have to charge for EVERYTHING? I was so desperate I even registered for a Catholic newsletter just to get a "free printable" which turned out to not be what I was looking for.

Okay, that was a big tangent. We've been gradually acknowledging Advent, while on our 3rd family cold in as many months. It's not pneumonia, or even strep throat. We're all okay! But on top of very little daylight, it's just so draining!

I was feeling like I was doing okay psychologically, but with this latest round, I went completely stir-crazy. You know it has to be bad if I actually want to leave the house. We did a few rounds of holiday cookies, Christmas movies in pjs, etc. And then...I just couldn't take it anymore! Normally I like having a slow day at fact, I was relishing the prospect of a slower week so that I could catch up on housework and the like. And I'm normally more productive when Andrei is at work. But the past few days, I can't stand him being gone! He doesn't have time to call between classes at all, and I just feel like I need him at home.

I probably had other topics to cover, but it's bedtime. In closing, a few gift ideas!

I have a bunch of gift ideas for the kids, but not grown-ups. Typical.

Disclaimer: I'm the boring gift-giver, but my husband's side of the family will take care of child will be deprived.

Among my ideas:

-puzzles (for both David, 7.5 and Sophia, 3.5)

-board games (David)

-doctor's kit (Sophia)

-dino excavation kit (David)

-picture books (both)

-calendars with book or movie characters (both)

-hobby horse (more Sophia, but David would have to be given one, too)

-snow globes (both)

-chess set (David)

I guess some of these ideas will have to be saved for the future!

Obviously there are tons of things that they would LIKE, but really don't need. And they'll get Christmas money, too.


  1. I know what you mean!!!!! I resorted to making my own Advent worksheet simply because I was determined I wouldn't pay for something that wasn't as nice as something I would do anyway. Hm....since that was for first grade, I'm sorry I didn't sent you one!

    You might like Catholic Icing. She does charge for some things, but there is a lot that is free and it is all really good. If you ever need a resource for something email me. I have a TON of stuff!

  2. I don't think those sound like boring gifts! I have a similar gifting style, I like giving things we can DO, and things we can enjoy multiple times or in multiple ways, instead of toys that can only be played with one way.


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