Monday, April 1, 2019

March Survey/Selfie

Welcome to April. We have arrived! Looking back at my February posts, it already seems like a long time ago! We are over the hump now and on to Spring. We might get more snow, but the daylight is here.

What I've been...

Reading: Little Town on the Prairie (read-aloud), First Art for Toddlers and Twos (MaryAnn Kohl), The How Not to Die Cookbook, The Well-Trained Mind, Teaching Through Movement: Setting Up Your Kinesthetic Classroom

Watching: Still Jeopardy! Thinking about giving up Netflix. There are a few shows I would still watch if I had the time, but maybe not worth paying the monthly fee.

Cooking/Eating: Went on a veggie kick, making more salads and things. Hard to keep up. Made some veggie Vietnamese spring rolls a few times, yummy! Keeping up with the Asian theme, I also made a simple lemon ginger soy chicken recipe a few times, really liked it. Oh, for Purim we made Hamentaschen.

Listening to: John Michael Talbot (Come to the Quiet), Kids' Praise.

Striving towards: Organizing papers.

Looking forward to: Spring, of course!

What David (6.5 years) is up to: Learning to sound out words, watching Wild Kratts, observing the ants coming out of hibernation.

What Sophia (2.5 years) is up to: Calling everything "mine," doing "ugga mugga" nose rubs like on Daniel Tiger (Mr. Rogers), changing her outfit every 10 minutes (often independently).

Your turn!


  1. And does your little Sonya put her clothes AWAY after she changes them? (Hope so, doubt it.)

    I almost never get to watch any TV. However, for the past couple of weeks Craig and I have started watching an episode of the Great British Baking Show each night. Just love it for so many reasons.

    1. Actually, she does automatically put things away after using them, SOMEtimes. I don't fold her clothes these days, just throw them back in the drawer. I don't get to watch TV much either. We've been using a VPN, so I've been watching Father Brown a bit, but often it's too long to watch all at once, and I hate going to bed with a murder unresolved.

    2. We enjoy Fr. Brown, too - and most of the time they are not graphic enough that we can't let Monnie watch.

    3. We used to watch TV frequently when David was young. We watched all the seasons of Psych and also The Office. But he is too observant nowadays.

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