Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Motels and milestones

I couldn't really blog for a few weeks because I was spending my evenings (which start at 11 pm) looking for lodging for a 25-person family reunion in New England next summer. I like the challenge of a little online research. But it's actually hard looking for accommodations for such a large group. I even polled FB but no one had any specific suggestions. I found lots and lots of nice vacation rentals that seemed to cap out at about 20 people. Many houses had 6-8 bedrooms, but with 7 adult siblings plus parents (and all the men in my family are tall) plus spouses and kids, a queen bedroom for each family unit was not exactly sounding like a situation that would lead to peace and harmony.

Also, it turns out that October is not too early to book summer accommodations. Some places seemed to be still updating their rates, but lots were booked either from earlybirds or returning customers. And since I had to run ideas by everyone else, it wasn't possible to really jump on those properties that seemed to be filling up fast.

We seem to have found a solution, but I wonder what would make it easier for the next time. Do I really think I know what would work for everyone, or am I only thinking about my own preferences? Do we HAVE to be near the beach? The map was dotted with tons of choices "off the beaten path." But what is a summer vacation without the sea? And what would we all do on a country estate for a week? Or in a ski lodge? Everyone says "we just rent a big house and all pick rooms when we get there." Yeah, but HOW? But even if I had the perfect formula, each kid/adult will be a year older the next time and it will all change. Anyway, we're hoping my dad will be well enough to make the drive and join us for the week-long getaway.

Meanwhile...the excitement of this week so far was that David lost his first baby tooth! So timely and yet unexpected! I don't think of myself as very sentimental, but I'm always amazed to see the design of the human body in action! I love seeing kids hitting milestones.

It's exciting to see David growing up, but also a relief to see him be happy about it, too. I was so proud that he wasn't even grossed out or anything by a hole in his gums. He definitely "milked it" for all it was worth, getting a pretty substantial pay-out and even a tooth party as my in-laws happened to be coming over anyway. And of course Sophia got a present too, because she's two and it's only fair. So there is lots of partying around here and we might need to watch our budget...just a little.

I'm completely disoriented right now because 1) It's getting darker earlier, 2) It's below freezing but supposed to be much warmer tomorrow, 3) We didn't go to church on Sunday so I can't figure out what day of the week it is, 4) Andrei's parents came over today so I thought it was Saturday, 5) Andrei worked extra hours the past two weeks, so having him at home today confused me. And tomorrow he'll be gone alllll day. 6) Also, I've been totally wired lately and staying up until like 3 a.m. It must stop, but I don't even feel sleepy! I'll probably be joined by Sophia tonight though, so that will definitely make me sleepy tomorrow.


  1. It is awful when your inner clock gets messed up! Holidays often do that to me - and yes; things like going to the Saturday night, rather than the Sunday night Mass.

    Your vacation rental dilemma does sound difficult. What did you find, finally?

  2. We (my brother) found a big house, kind of pricey. There are 2 smaller buildings on the property, so at least we won't have a bottle-neck for preparing breakfast in the morning. It's honestly hard to picture the dynamic of everyone together. But in hotels rooms I feel like it is hard to find each other and do group activities. And there's no way our family would get any sleep in a hotel room. 2 rooms would be ideal, but at least in a house rental we can sneak out and go to the bathroom or get a cup of tea without kids waking up...presumably...

    1. We used to have extended family get-togethers in a renovated Holiday Inn; I can't recall what they called them, but they'd added a big "community space" with ping pong tables, and other fun activities. That worked well for us.....out in the middle of Iowa. Your setting sounds a bit more exciting.

  3. OK - this isn't relevant - but I am REALLY looking forward to hearing every detail of your recent adventure! Wishing you increasing strength and health (and not entirely because I selfishly long to hear ALL.....)


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