Sunday, June 3, 2018

Movie theater triggers


Summer always has a special feeling in the air. In St. Petersburg, of course, it stays light until close to midnight nowadays.

David's workshops are over, so he is on "vacation," resting from all his hard work. ;)

Andrei's workload fluctuates. Lately we've been having guests several times a week, so it feels busy even though Andrei is working fewer days. And the summer will probably fly by!

Since Saturdays are free now, Andrei and David (almost 6) went to the movies this weekend. And they let ME come, too! My in-laws stayed home with Sophia (almost 2). We don't often do this type of configuration because David is so attached to his grandparents. But he was okay with leaving with us as long as he knew he could play with them afterwards.

It was my first time in a movie theater since The Fire at Kemerovo a few months ago. I wouldn't really say I was nervous, just more aware. Probably the way Americans might have felt after the Aurora shooting. I looked around for emergency exits-no padlocks or other safety violations to be seen. Regular emergency exits that have the bar you press to get out.

Still, though. My MIL doesn't even want to set foot past the first floor in the shopping malls. We haven't said it out loud, but I don't think we would linger in any of the kids' (enclosed) play areas anymore.

I stood in the foyer of the movie theater and had to struggle not to cry thinking of the schoolchildren who perished. When we took our seats, I let my mind wander a little bit to the unthinkable. Not because I was scared for myself, but because I had to mourn for them a little bit and put myself in their parents' place.

Other than that, it was quite a nice time, just like a trip to the movies should be. It was probably my first time being at the movies with David (he usually goes with Andrei), and it's fun to experience the joy of it through a child's eyes. The movie theater and special snacks are still something special. I loved his little rules, like not sipping our milkshakes until the movie started (except for a little tiny bit just to try it).

Andrei and I both dozed off multiple times throughout the film and agreed it was probably the worst we'd "seen." But David was content and even said he'd love to see it again. :)


  1. Oh, I hadn't heard about a movie theater incident over there! It was definitely a little scary for us after that Aurora shooting. I'm glad you had a fun time with David though - we love taking the kids to movies when there is a good one!

    1. Yeah, just one of those things that could sort of happen anywhere, but it's still upsetting. It wasn't in St. Petersburg, another part of Russia. Looking forward to some of the summer movies coming up!

  2. I love that photo. I do understand that temerity to experience a similar situation to one that others experienced as a tragedy. Is Russian "movie food" the same as what we have in the US?

    1. When I was teaching my Korean students, one was telling me about going to a baseball game and buying "dried ocean materials". I don't know if that was dried fish or some seaweed snack - but surely nothing we'd experience in a ballpark in the US!

    2. The Russian movie theaters are very like American ones these days, although we did not get scolded for bringing in milkshakes from another vendor! Another difference that remains is that you choose your seat when you buy your ticket, like you're riding a train. I actually like that, takes the pressure off. As far as Korean snacks, that sounds typical of what I've heard of snacks in Japan...dried octopus, maybe? Not sure. Maybe seaweed, as you said. They do sell dried fish here to go with beer.

    3. My boys STILL love dried fish. One Russian delicacy I can do without.

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