Saturday, March 31, 2018

March Survey/Selfie

Made it through March! I'm sure there will be more snow off and on, but seems like the ground is thawing.
Sketchy night kitchen pose. Posting at 11:30 pm, fit it in before the month changed! :)

What I've been...

Reading: Decluttering at the Speed of Life (Dana K. White), more in Love Thy Body (Nancy Pearcey), Mary Poppins and Boxcar Children with David

Watching: When Calls the Heart (I'm only on season 2 or 3), Ultimate Beastmaster with Andrei, Matilda with David

Cooking/Eating: Artisan bread, pancakes, salsa, getting take-out from the authentic Mexican place down the road, trying to learn how to use cast iron

Listening to: Worship playlists, "Listener kids" worship music for kids, Easter hymns

Striving towards: Trying to knock some dreaded adult tasks off the to-do list (as usual). Passed my exam to keep my permanent residency, and will need to get my application in next (this) month.

Looking forward to: See above...moving on with other projects once the dreaded paperwork is complete. Also looking forward to Holy Week, which starts tomorrow for us.

What David is up to: Getting over a virus, more food aversions than ever, still really into watching the Wild Kratts and acting out all the different "creature features" every day! Being a great big brother.

What Sophia is up to: Just learned how to say "No!" Climbing and jumping. Playing dress-ups. Copying everyone! Discovering how fun it is to jump in puddles (along with her brother, of course).

Your turn!


  1. Monica seems to not want to eat ANYTHING. Because a) the older boys hate having her at the table because it does take away from the "peaceful" quality of the meal, and b) Anastasia doesn't generally eat with the family and that's just become habit....we have stopped making Monnie eat with us. I am not sure about that, frankly, and want to make a change. But, she's going through this state now where she'll eat almost nothing, so it doesn't seem like the time. She's also become increasingly and surprisingly independent. No problem doing and getting what she wants when she wants it! No need to ask, from her point of view.

    1. Yes, it's challenging. It's not always the way in Russian culture, but one rule I'm attached to from growing up is the traditional family dinner. Everyone in their seats, eating the same meal, etc. I'm strict about not snacking within the hour or two before dinner, but I think I'm in the minority. David is very, very picky.


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