Thursday, January 4, 2018

Best-laid plans of 2018

Only ran around for 40 minutes with this blank page open while I restarted the router and fought with the VPN to get David watching BeatBugs so I could do some blogging! That is just to say that plans must always be rather flexible.

Welcome, New Year!
In 2018 I decided to have a focus area for each month. People talk about having a year of saying "yes" or "no" and mine could be described as a year of making myself wait until it's time for that focus area, so that I can give attention to just 1 or 2 goals at a time.

Some of the focus areas are more abstract and some are projects that will get completed.

My focus area for January 2018 is sleep. 

I know it sounds better to start off with a new Bible reading plan or something, but I am desperate to have more energy to do things again and I am just trusting that it will happen in time.

In the past I have tried many times to go to bed earlier and at this point I will be setting an alarm clock to work on the morning end of things as well. I don't sleep well, but my kids get up late enough that getting up with an alarm clock won't hurt.

We don't have a newborn or early morning commitments, so it's a good time to try to tweak our sleep schedule when we're not completely sleep-deprived, just not quite getting enough.

A few notes so far as of January 4th:

-I can't report overall improvement because we're in a jet-lag of sorts following the holidays. On New Year's Eve we were up until 2 a.m. and got up around noon or even 1 pm.

-...on the other hand, David was asleep by 11 last night which is close to his normal time, and with the help of an alarm clock the rest of us got up at 10:30. So compared to a few days ago that is already improvement, almost back to "normal."

-Sophia just doesn't sleep from about 10 pm-2 am on average. So the alarm clock in the morning may benefit her as well to get her sleepier in the evening.

-I haven't actually been sleeping well either and sometimes I stay up late reading, so I'll have to adjust my bedtime to account for that, or learn to fall asleep without needing to read that long.

-Although we might not feel rested by the end of the month, the goal is to build some good habits so that it will be more automatic and not involve the constant conflict over when to go to bed. I'm changing what's in my control and the rest isn't up to me.

-I'm also looking into a sunrise alarm clock to try to make the mornings easier. I'm sure our body clocks are all off from the lack of daylight.

So that's 2018 so far. What are you working on?


  1. We are not typically working on sleep! Thank heaven I can ordinarily sleep well - even when (as usual, three nights a week) I have to set the clock and get up and go get Anastasia from work, and bring her home - all in sub-freezing weather. I HATE this, but almost always I can get back to sleep pretty well, just by playing a little WORD HERO on my phone. The idea that doing something on your phone won't allow you to sleep is certainly contrary to my experience! In fact, sometimes in the middle of the day, I'll look at WORD HERO and get sleepy.... No telling. I just wish that Monnie could sleep a few hours more than I do! I put her to bed with a story and prayer, and then find myself too sleepy to get up again. Typically in the morning, I can just get a cup of coffee - not even finish it - before she's coming down the stairs. Since I have to spend time at work and doing housework, deliberately "turning her away" so that I can adjust my schedule to include a little TV (or even prayer) doesn't seem right. I'm probably wrong about the prayer....but I haven't done it yet.

    1. Sure, if it relaxes you, then why not? However, I have a separate post about that coming soon. And it involves carpal tunnel syndrome. I'm trying to dare myself to go to sleep at the same time as David. Often I fall asleep putting him to bed, but make myself get up so I can have child-free time, productive or not. But, I do enjoy snuggling with him in the evening.


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