Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Day in the Life

Today was just one of those days where David was a little more rambunctious than usual! Once again I was thankful to have a more domestic day with few interruptions from the outside world, but I sure am glad his shenanigans are normally fewer in number. Also, we are at the halfway point of Andrei being away. So like I said in the last post, I'm feeling kind of "mom-busy."

I stayed up late last night enjoying the quiet. My kind of quiet...catching up via the Internet at my own pace, and doing a little reading for fun.

Didn't get the miracle I hoped for, and David woke up pretty early this morning. So I went to get him his chocolate milk and turn on Netflix. We started giving him chocolate milk when weaning from breastfeeding (at 2.5 yrs!), so it kind of stuck. No cavities that we know of!

David usually hangs out in the kitchen, but I wanted to snooze a bit and didn't want him in there unsupervised. So I set him up in the living room, right next to our bedroom....

An hour later, he had wet his pants. Just one hour. Somehow it seems to only happen on my watch and never when Andrei is in charge! I found some dry clothes for him and crawled back under the covers...

About a half million requests later (it's hard to make Buzz Lightyear's arms go the right way), I found myself in the living room again, this time to find David sliding around in a puddle on the floor, exclaiming "chocolate milk is slippery!" Again...Andrei gives him chocolate milk, end of story. I give it to him and get to clean up a chocolate milk eruption. Was kind of a backwards start to the housecleaning I had planned, but we rolled with it.

Went to bring the laptop back to the kitchen and felt something on the was modeling clay. Stuck right to the bottom of my computer, partially covering the fan. Uggghhh. David "didn't know" how it had gotten there, but still apologized, and then eventually confessed.

After I finally got some food in me, I decided to jump into vacuuming, which I hadn't done for 3 months a while. David came to me in tears, not understanding how I was going to use the vacuum in the room where he plays! (as if his toys are ever contained to one room) So I assured him I'd start in another part of the house. Then he decided to "help" me and became obsessed with pressing all the buttons repeatedly. After he saw me empty the filter, he also kept trying to open up the canister while the vacuuming was in progress, claiming there was "too much dirt in there."

In the middle of all this, Andrei came home from work on his side of the world, and we got on Skype. David loves Skype! He doesn't like talking on the phone with no visual. In fact, he doesn't really like listening to music with no picture, either...interesting. He enjoyed catching up with Andrei, and demonstrated a little bit of his mood of the day by continuing to press vacuum buttons throughout the conversation.

Once I'd had enough cleaning, I invited David to help me make some brownies. A lot of batter got spilled...but I decided to continue without help once my sous chef got it on his hands AND wiped it all over the kitchen chairs! He sure liked licking the spoon, though-asked if it could be his dinner!

The main incentive for all this cooking and cleaning was that we were going to have the first meeting of a new focus group at church, related to Worship. I didn't know who was coming or what we were going to be discussing! But it wasn't my job to lead, I just asked to have it at our house so I could participate with Andrei being out of town. I get so frustrated with worship team technicalities sometimes that I want to just have fellowship. So it seems like there is good potential there.

One person arrived right on time. I set the tea kettle to fill up with water. Then the bathroom door handle broke and I got the guest a screwdriver. Then he wanted a tour of the apartment as it has a rather interesting floor plan and he hadn't visited before.

I thought I might have forgotten something in the kitchen...the tea kettle had overflowed as usual and water was pouring over the countertop, into the drawers/cabinets, etc. I started wiping it up and the doorbell rang again. The next guest came in and I was still trying to mop up the water. In fact, I still need to check for additional flooding. It happens several times a day now. I literally turn on the faucet and FORGET. I have to make myself check all the time now since I never remember whether I have turned the faucet on or not.

We started to have tea and I hadn't known whether anybody was fasting for Lent (as of yesterday) or not. Should I have some savory food for those coming after work, or vegan food for those fasting? As it turned out, the third person was fasting, so luckily I had washed some grapes.

So there were four of us gathered, and we had a little discussion and prayer time. Kind of unusual since it was a slightly different/context mix of people, but definitely edifying!

I was a bit nervous that David wouldn't make it to the end since he had gone to bed early the night before. I didn't want to deal with a ball of energy if he got a second wind. But he seemed okay watching a kids' show in the other room. It's screen time, but it really helps him wind down before bed. The only problem was that he gets a second appetite after guests leave! He'd definitely had a brownie and some other goodies during Bible study, and I made sure he ate some grapes. But he wanted after everyone left, I was able to talk to Andrei on the phone before he went to bed in the other time zone, and David took his time munching on some cheese and lavash. He kept trying to hug the phone when we were saying goodnight to my MIL, so I know he probably wished for his loved ones to be visiting, instead of random guests. He did well, though.

Managed to get David to bed with no meltdowns or bouncing off the walls. Hopefully he'll sleep in a bit tomorrow, as I don't think I'll be able to fall asleep anytime soon!

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