Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer in the 11th hour

Earlier this month, we were traveling in the U.K., so fun! Even though traveling is challenging, I have to admit it was quite nice to go somewhere a little bit closer. No overnight flights or jet-lag or anything like that. I'll be giving more details in some upcoming posts.

It's been harder to motivate myself to blog since I joined Instagram. You can look at my photos even without signing up. I've been trying to post there every day and it reminds me of the regularity of blogging and of the journal aspect that used to be more prevalent. Like those "Day in the Life" photo projects.

It's been a very mild summer and just in the past week it's gotten close to 80 degrees a few times. That's a hot sun, so I tend to wait until evening to go out walking with D. I feel like we've been attacked on all sides by various insects who have just been waiting for the perfect moment to party summer-style. I realized that it's not as much of an issue when it's light at night both outside and inside. But now that the evenings are darker, the bugs gravitate toward whatever lights are still burning. Not having screens on the windows makes for a pretty populous kitchen ceiling when I'm in there late at night!

David has been sleeping horribly, so obviously we have, too. I'm still kind of waiting for him to be a good sleeper. Lately he wakes up in the middle of the night and announces that he's "all done." No idea what happened there. Crying fit and eventual surrender to sleep. Then he wakes up still too early for our liking, has meltdowns all day, and cries hysterically at naptime. He had tummy issues last week and I suppose the flea bites (neighbors with cats...) are bothering him now, but I can't help feeling there is something else. I'm realizing that this is making its way to the top of my prayer list. We're tired, and Andrei will be teaching again, potentially in less than a week.

More trip stuff and news soon.


  1. Sleep issues are no fun! Hope he settles down soon! Joshua says "all done" as soon as we go to leave his room at night and then wails for ten minutes or so but thankfully settles down. I checked out your instagram, David is seriously cute!! I love that instagram captures lots of little everyday moments you might never record just through blogging...I would join too but don't have a cellphone for taking pics...maybe in the future!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, it stinks that Instagram is exclusive, it was annoying when some of my friends were on there and I couldn't even follow them or leave comments. But it's nice to just look at photos without all the additional FB stuff.

  3. Diana hasn't been sleeping that well either. She's having nightmares almost every night, and I am so tired. I'm sure it's just a stage though. Hang in there!

  4. David had that a few months ago and then got better. Lately I think he just hasn't been feeling well. Hopefully Diana will get over it soon!


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