Friday, July 24, 2015

Just the facts

I feel like I've been so boring lately as far as blogging goes, and at the moment I'm really focused on getting ready for vacation; so excited, although there is a lot to do. The weather reports for the UK (where we're going) have been the same as here, cool and rainy. Should feel like home! :)

I wish I had some deeper thoughts to share, and I want to believe that I'm continuing to grow and challenge myself, but sometimes it is hard to rise above the everyday stuff and see a bigger picture.

As I was compiling a little list of things to share, I was again starting to feel like it was all sounding kind of banal or self-centered. But at the same time there is a lot in me that's changed since becoming a mother (and it might be a different milestone for different people), and certain topics can be huge emotional triggers. It is hard to read the news or think about some of those hot topics, like abortion... at least without digging deep!

Anyway, a few recent things:

1) Watching Doc Martin. Hadn't heard of it before getting Netflix, and hid it in my list since I didn't think Andrei would be interested. But it's been my company lately while washing dishes. I've enjoyed seeing some of the character development as various people deal with their own personal "demons," and especially the relationships. Not to mention some creative storylines, and the setting is beautiful. Almost makes me want to live there.

2) Feeling sick. Andrei came down with a cold 3 WEEKS ago, and I keep getting little hints of it. I keep wishing I could just get a full-blown cold and be done with it...even though I know it can be really unpleasant. Being sick on the trip wouldn't be too fun, so hopefully my body will kick the virus out once and for all.

3) FMS, or Federal Migration Services. I need to mail in my yearly income/border crossing report. I feel like I'm being way too casual about it. But since it's done by the calendar year, they can hopefully let me know if there's anything wrong, and I can fix it by the end of 2015, right?

4) Trying on summer clothes. Frustrating experience!

5) Instagram. You might have noticed on other social media that I signed up recently. There's a little button in the top right sidebar of my blog, and you can just click on it to see my photos, no need to sign up. I feel kind of awkward about it like it's self-promotion, but I'm honestly enjoying capturing some non-glamorous, everyday moments. Let me know if you have an account, too!

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