Friday, February 13, 2015

Six things

Sigh of relief. Andrei washed the dishes after dinner (though another pile has materialized), so I'm actually sort of "done" with evening chores....and can write a little bit.

Here are Six (6) thoughts/news items:

1) It's Sick Week. Church on Sunday, sick on Wednesday. However, I am very thankful that we're otherwise healthy most of the time!

2) Today I was sitting in the living room and suddenly realized that I hadn't heard the neighbors (on any side) drilling for several days! If you're friends with me on FB you probably see my frequent posts complaining that the neighbors are drilling at x time of day or for x number of hours. We did have a downed cactus in the entryway downstairs one Sunday, so I guess Saturday nights can be rowdy. But a drilling respite is great. I almost didn't notice!

3) I decided to go ahead and give Netflix a try as my Amazon Prime was ending and there was no way I was renewing. The quality does start out poor, but then corrects itself to a medium quality, better than the bootleg quality I was getting from Amazon! So I'm satisfied, and we're finding things to watch as a family. There are tons of shows that I would watch if I were by myself, but that doesn't really happen since I end up using any free time on the Internet.

4) We are heading to Finland next week for David's registration run. Should just be a quick 1-day trip. We like Helsinki, so hopefully we will have this virus out of the house by then and be able to enjoy it! It would be fun to stay longer, but travel costs add up, and we've got a few summer (and maybe even fall) trips in mind. ;)

5) This is an interesting tidbit: As a child of the 80's, I've always been a Raffi fan, so I put some of his music on for David sometimes. In one of the albums (Bananaphone), I'd been noticing a song called "The Changing Garden of Mr. Bell." It has a really pleasant tune, but I'd never really been able to catch what it was about; not his usual silly children's fare. So I did a little search, and all of the hits were just offering lyrics or mp3s, EXCEPT an article entitled "Raffi's Secret Shoah Song." It's an intriguing piece pondering whether or not the song is actually about the Holocaust, or something similar. I recommend checking it out.

6) Kayla Mueller has been in the news this week. I first read about her on Tuesday and here it is Thursday, and I'm already a little sick of the media trying to squeeze out as many "new" angles as they can. But what I made a note of for myself (and for the future if I look back at this post) is her poignant yet hopeful letter to her family: "I have surrendered myself to our [C]reator b/c literally there was no else....+by God+by your prayers I have felt tenderly cradled in freefall"...I want to remember that image of free-falling, because it reminds me that each day we are getting closer to, yet in His hands.

P.S. And my heart also goes out to the loved ones of the slain Muslim students. Just so sad. :(


  1. There are a few different things I SOOO want to watch on Netflix - The Bletchley Girls was one, and Wallender is another. But, when Monnie is still up, it is no go. We watch Curious George, or (if I'm lucky) Anastasia has put on "Everybody Loves Raymond". The chance of watching what I want, really luxuriating....oh, so rare.

  2. Yes, there are quite a few shows that I never have time to watch, as my computer IS the TV and is usually occupied. I love putting something on while doing housework, but...the dishes or the toddler drown it out! We are going through Psych, which I think I saw on your blog.

    1. Oh, yes; I think that one is just so fun. From an actorly point of view, I enjoy the ensemble work. Everyone works together so well.


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