Friday, October 10, 2014

We've Arrived

So I guess reading to your child is one of those things that make you a model parent! You'd think so. I've seen all those photos on social media and Pinterest with the DIY nursery reading "nook" and the adorable shots of the parents (more often the mommy bragging about the daddy) with the newborn, "reading" a book cute. I definitely thought we'd be that kind of family, but it turns out there is more to babycare than read-aloud time! I think I have one photo of myself reading to David in his first year, and I can't post it because it's a pajama shot...whoops.

But since around the time David turned two, he's suddenly been very enthusiastic about books! He likes to read whole stacks at a time and has memorized various fragments and where things are on certain pages. We didn't do anything differently...just kept making them accessible and he eventually got interested. In fact, I worried that I wasn't "modeling" book use enough since I read on my Kindle, but that doesn't seem to be a problem.

It's exciting to see how it goes hand-in-hand with language learning. And not just vocabulary, even certain grammar constructions. I like grammar.

I will admit I'm often looking for more time for myself, and I try to pare down the reading pile or cut the time short, or skip over certain pages, or hustle him off to bed so I can have some peace and quiet. Even in the positive moments we always have our own wants and desires and agendas. Even as we read, I have certain things I want him to see, or books that I want to be his favorites. I bought him a book called "Back to Bed, Ed" to encourage "good" sleep habits. He was interested in what the mouse family was having for breakfast...not their sleepy eyes from the kids' nighttime wakings!

Here are some of the things that go through my head when I hear those words: Mommy, READ....

"I'm SuperMom!"(right?)

"We're raising a genius."

"I hope he doesn't pick THAT book again."

 "I'm going to hide that one."

"I wish he would read to himself."

"I wish we could have silent reading and each read to ourselves."

"I wish he would stay on task instead of pointing to random things on the page."

"I wish he would pay attention to the moral of the story."

 "My throat hurts from trying to enunciate all these baby words."

Sad, right? But I love it, too.


  1. hahaha! That list of things going through your head made me laugh...may of thought most of them myself! Joshua is just starting to get a better attention span for reading, our favorite these days is a Curious George treasury - love the silly stories and illustrations! I was at a thrift shop the other day and bought lovely children's abridged versions of Black Beauty and Little Women for Miriam...she's 6 months so I probably have six or seven years till she's ready for them though, lol

    1. I do love classics! I guess we don't need to own ALL of them, though. ;) Sometimes David's favorite is some obscure used book from a giveaway pile!

  2. I have one more that goes through my head with Ben, "I wish he would stop interrupting me while I'M trying to read (to him)!" Like when he asks a question that is explained on the next line of text.

  3. Oh, I struggle with reading to this 2 year old! I DETEST most picture books, for some reason. I still remember the glee - absolute GLEE I felt the first night I settle in with both Aidan and Lydia for bedtime reading of a CHAPTER book! I've never enjoyed picture books. Actually, I rarely read the text....usually I don't like the text and Monnie seems entirely visual - we talk about the pictures, I ask her to point out this or that.... I know when she's older, I'll read the text but for Fortunately, my husband seems to have no issues with reading, and he is the "go-to" for that. I did get one book, though, which I thought was so cute, but he refuses to read it and wants to hide it.... I guess I understand why. It is called something like "Yes/No" and it has pictures of "Yes - as in "Yes; keep your food on your plate!" "No - no throwing food on the floor." I have to admit that the "No" pages did give her quite a few ideas. Unfortunately.

    1. As a child I outgrew story time very quickly and wanted to read those chapter books myself! We'll see what David is like. But now that you mention it, I would love to be reading a book with an actual plot!

  4. I must also admit that Monica cannot be trusted with actual books. She tears out pages, to my horror. Her instincts are not what I would wish in this area.

    1. Don't you wish their inner "Russian" would come out and start taking care of things more nicely? David throws clean clothes on the floor all the time and breaks his toys on purpose and asks for his grandparents to fix them. Books, too. I know he is still little, but I wish he valued things and other people's work a bit more!

  5. You made me laugh with this one. I do enjoy reading to our daughter, but I can totally relate to "I hope he doesn't pick THAT book again". Especially books from 'Where Is Spot?" series, I don't know why, but they drive me nuts, and it's been her favorite since she showed interest in books about a year ago. She also tends to notice absolutely random things unrelated to the story. But you know, as long as it helps us raise a genius :)

  6. Yep, we make a lot of sacrifices. ;)


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