Saturday, September 13, 2014

Happy New Year

Blog post before midnight...ready, set, go!

I don't normally pay attention to New Year's resolutions, but something about September has me itching to make changes in my life.

Here are a few major goals I'd like to work on this school year:

1) Make a new Bible reading routine.

2) Continue healing my DR. (work on alignment)

3) Go outside with David at least 2x per day.

There are a few other goals and plans that I may or may not share on here.

Read more for some details about my recent endeavors...

Make a new Bible-reading routine.

God's Word is such that you don't really need any special equipment or even the perfect setting to dive in...but I still would like to find a format that works for me right now. I turn on an audio recording while doing chores; I open up the Bible while David is playing nearby...but it's only little snatches. There were a few days during jet-lag when David was still SOUND asleep late morning and I even got up before him...but those days are over. Anyway, I've come across a lot of blog posts recently about how to organize (or not) "Devotional" time, so it's been on my mind.

Continue healing my DR (work on alignment)

It annoys me that I didn't word that as a specific goal, but I'm trying to get my thoughts down quickly here. I have a few recently acquired clues as to ways I could change the way I use my muscles in various tasks. There are a few specific things I'm working on to correct my posture. Even as I'm sitting here typing, I move into a slouch about every 30 seconds or so and have to correct myself. Making even small corrections can immensely help my body recover from carrying a child (and likely having poor alignment for much of my life prior to that). I'm making this a priority.

Get outside with David (2x a day)

We've had a pretty good track record (for us) so far this month. We are up to going outside ALMOST every day and are working up to twice a day. Sometimes the second walk is performed by Andrei, which is also good. Maybe David's grandmother will also do it sometimes. But I can benefit from it, too. I am trying to no longer regard yucky weather or stuffy noses as adequate excuses. Apartment air can cause far more damage!

...However, we have a few obstacles. The first is just plain lack of motivation. I hate the ritual of getting ready and going outside and keeping track of David and trying to get him to behave and not take other people's toys and then coming inside and getting all cleaned up. I hate playgrounds, I hate grassy patches strewn with trash/presents from dogs, I hate teenagers on mopeds who interrupt naptime and almost run us over, and I have no interest in socializing with other caregivers who stare at me when I speak with David in English. Just being honest here...I'm working on this!

So that's the first obstacle...LOL. The second problem is trying to get out the door. I don't understand how mothers do it. David doesn't let me brush my teeth, change my clothes, or gather our bag. He follows me around asking for a hug or to read a book. So terrible, right? Well, it is if we truly both need fresh air and exercise. I have told him we're going out, but he just doesn't understand or want to cooperate with the getting ready part! Almost every time, I'm about to scream and drop everything and forget it all. Sometimes I do lose it. I don't care if we leave later than just feels like we'll never, ever be ready. And I also feel partly like the walk is a task I have to perform, so I can receive my reward of coming home and eating lunch and doing domestic things. So it's maddening when it drags on and my chance to perform the more pleasant tasks is slipping away. plan is to tweak the routine a bit so we get dressed earlier, before David is getting clingy. Plus get my clothes out the night before. I'm not sure if I will be able to find this magic combination, but we'll see.


  1. Oh, I feel your pain on that last one.

  2. Praying Eph. 6:4 over you and David- that you will bring him up with discipline and instruction that comes from the Lord. I have posture problems as I get older and doing planks helps me because it strengthens my core muscles.

    1. Thank you for that! I can't do planks because I have a severe abdominal wall separation and those kinds of exercises can make it worse. Maybe at some point I'll be strong enough.


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