Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New England

So here we are almost a month into our trip and I haven't blogged yet!

My father said that a parent's definition of "vacation" is "taking care of your kids in a different place." So a lot of the adventures revolve around our toddler; not only taking care of his needs but seeing everything through his eyes, which can actually be very enlightening! And it's hard to think of anything else to write about at this point, so this is my fair warning.

Eventually I'll do some more specific posts on flying with a toddler and various aspects of parenting that we are dealing with this summer. I prefer to call it the "transitional" twos as opposed to "terrible." Just to be optimistic that way. ;)

Right now though I am sitting here sorting through photos. It can certainly be a big job, and I'm torn between the different options for archiving. I love the hands-on/homemade feel of scrap-booking and yet the practicality and durability of photo-books is something to consider. Certainly easier to get extra copies.

So, that's that. Back to photos!


  1. I'm old enough to see that my baby photos of the firstborn are yellowing. And funny to also notice how many fewer there are - even though I carried my camera with me, the cost of getting them printed (because how else could you SEE them???) was limiting. I read something from a photographer who said that the only way to get a good photo of children was to take a lot of photos. I bought into that and my dropbox is almost full.....

    Anyway...."transitional twos". Interesting take on being positive. I never experienced this stage with the older ones. Aidan became "difficult" when he was in 9th grade....Lydia had a bad year when she was 5. Other than that, I didn't see the "stages" of "breaking away" or whatever that you read about. I AM GETTING MY COME-UPPANCE! Yipes. I have to say that "terrible" just about covers it for us.

    Well, here's one reader who doesn't mind hearing about David's vacation.From our photos it appears that only Monica went to Florida. If Lydia hadn't taken a couple of me (and Monica) no one would know we were there.

    I must say I DID expect more blogging when you were back to good internet! Plus, surely there are other people who are enjoying "David-time" now!

    1. I got side-tracked, but I suggest you get the photo books....

  2. I love looking through ALL of them, so that's definitely an argument for digital archiving, whether or not they get printed. I probably have too many, though. And there are fewer and fewer of print quality as he gets more active.

    I'm NOT back to good internet, and that certainly limits blogging, though I could write online and just go into good range to post.


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