Thursday, April 3, 2014


Well, this is a different kind of post. I was doing some "spring cleaning" and was reminded of my OWL collection! Back when I was a teenager, I was "Owl" in my group of friends, and then people started giving me owl-themed gifts, and it's led to an interesting group of keepsakes so far.

Maybe someday I'll have a little display wall or something. Right now they are scattered in different rooms and some are in a box waiting to be used in a project.

Here are just a few that were close at hand:

A pair of earrings that I bought recently but haven't worn. They're actually really tiny!

A brooch from Andrei. :)

Also a gift from Andrei; a decal that you can stick somewhere.

An adorable tea towel from my grandmother!

A pair of socks I'm about to get rid of. Kind of gross, I know. But I had to photograph them for posterity! I was actually wearing these socks  (with sandals) to an OB visit before David was born, and the OB commented on them. Then he was the one to deliver David. Not my favorite doctor, but David and I both lived to tell about it.

A handsewn blank book from my mom, with an owl newspaper photo.

David has been into owls lately, too. We have a few finger puppets that he likes to play with, and he recognizes them now in books.


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