Tuesday, February 4, 2014

David's "vocabulary," 19 months

I'm just sort of typing this out to remember it later! We honestly haven't been paying attention much to where he should be for his age, and are expecting a delay due to having two languages.

Communication is happening, verbal and otherwise.

"Arf-arf!" -Dog

High-pitched squealing/giggling -Bird

"Zzzzzzzz." -Car

Slurping/sipping noise -I want a drink of water

Growling noise -Bear/Tiger/etc.

Gesturing with hand/aahhhhh -Hot

Gesturing with hand/ohhhhhh -Cold

Shaking head -No/I don't want to/I don't want to stop.

"Boom!" -Fireworks/firecrackers outside

"Bam!" -I hit my head (or other body part).

"Co-co" or "Coo-coo." -Quack (Duck)/Cookie

"Bl-bl-bl" -Belly button

"D-d-d" -Daddy or Daddy's things

"M-m-m" -Mommy/milk (nurse)

"B-b-b"- Bread

"Blech" -Yucky/trash

"Too-toooo"- Train/Let's go (to another room, for instance)

"Too-tah" -Туда (Russian for "that way" or "over there")

"Ai!"/"Oi!" -Exclamation

Those are the ones he uses with me, Andrei or Nina might have more in Russian.


  1. These are all so cute. The slurpy noise for wanting a drink of water is hilarious! Joshua is obsessed with balls so this is his favourite word - pronounced "Baaohhh" in an excited high voice with an oh shaped mouth. Makes us laugh every time!

  2. Oh, that's adorable! It is such a fun period. :) I like it better than the infant days.


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