Friday, November 16, 2012

What are you doing?

It’s time to think about Advent!

I would love to hear what you are doing this year. Of course I will share what we are doing, if we ever decide! J I think my favorite idea so far has been the Jesse Tree: a trip through the Bible (via selected readings) and God’s promises in one month, with a neat visual presentation.

Out of this category of ideas, the most eye-popping one I tried was the circular calendar. And then of course, there was the interesting tree I sculpted one year at my parents.’ One year I simply made a calendar with little paper pockets and left surprises for my roommate. That was fun, though not necessarily Christmas-related. We had a reading schedule for spiritual content.

Of course there are ways to observe this time of year that require less preparation: readings, candle-lighting, bringing out the figures of a nativity scene out one by one, opening the windows of a pre-made calendar…
I’m hoping we will at least find a good reading schedule. I like ones that don’t require you to scratch your head wondering how the verses relate to the Messiah.

Leave a comment and tell us what you’re doing! What materials are you using? Any visual aids? Is it a kid-friendly tradition?


  1. So, you've noticed that too! The Advent Scripture Calendars where the scripture passages seem to have been chosen randomly.

    I didn't used to relate AT ALL to the Old I had no interest in the Jesse Tree.

    We use an Advent Wreath, with readings.

  2. Either I can't make the connection or there is an explanation that stretches it too far. For example, something about love... Christ is about love... therefore, this verse is good for Christmas...

    I've never tried a wreath.

    I just found a Catholic site with wonderful Advent ideas:


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