Sunday, September 23, 2012


I feel a bit apprehensive about the approaching Bureaucracy Season. I have to keep telling myself that the God who got me through it before will be with me and sustain me.

Two years ago, I was battling sickness as I turned in my residency papers just in the nick of time.

One year ago, I stood in line while in the throes of morning sickness, nibbling on my crackers and hoping for a miracle.

This year, I have an infant, himself holding tourist status. I don't know how I'm going to work out standing in line for my own documents in-between feeding and caring for him. And then next year, I'll be doing it with a toddler. Each year the mountains seem too high, but now I have my little David to remind me of how a man of God defeated Goliath. I have to believe it will happen for us, too.

You can read about my journey with Russian bureaucracy in the posts mentioned below.

-The adventures began about when I started this blog back in 2007. We were required to leave the country every few months, for at least a few hours, and then come back in and re-register. At the time it seemed like such a hassle, and even a bit nerve-wracking!

-2008: Next came the new laws, requiring us to leave not for a few hours or few days, but for 3 months.

-2009: My first attempt at staying in Russia full-time was to apply for a work visa, but that fell through.

-My next solution was to come in on a student visa that fall.

-2010: While on the student visa, I applied for a residency permit.

-I got the residency permit about 10 months later.


  1. I pray that you are surrounded with favor!!!

  2. Since Russia is DESIRING young people, and children....I just don't understand why they make it so difficult. I think if it were easier to live in Russia, my whole family would be there, and they'd have gotten five of their own young people back! But, the hurdles are so high. YOU, married to a Russian, mom to a little Russian citizen. I can't fathom why they don't just call it good.

  3. Well, it is a little crazy, considering I have residency, too. You'd think I could at least add him to my visa.

    And yes, they should make it easier for adoptees to return, at least for a visit. Don't they want the kids to be proud of their heritage?


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