Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Biggest little boy in the NICU

Going backwards a little bit here.

Little David was born with a SPLASH of meconium! I think everyone attending the birth got a little shower, never heard of that before. There was no "delayed cord cutting" or "skin-to-skin" bonding that are the trend in birth plans nowadays. When they broke my water, they saw meconium and knew that he would need to be checked out as soon as he was born.

Pretty hefty compared to the preemies!

Up at my end of the bed, I was barely aware of what they had actually done with the baby once he was out.

 I saw the pediatricians standing around the warming bed working on something, so I knew he had to be over there somewhere.

At some point a little later, a member of the staff explained that the baby would be transferred to another hospital that had a CPAP machine, a special ventilator not available in our hospital.

They put him on antibiotics in case of infection, so his first week of life was spent in the NICU.

To be continued...


  1. My big boy, Aidan, was whisked away to NICU before I ever saw him - I bonded by photo the next day - ABSOLUTE LOVE in a moment. I'll never forget it. Then, he was in the hospital for eight weeks before we could take him home. Yet, I am closer to him than I can fathom possible. I am not so sure I totally buy the critical nature of all those "natural" touches....though, when possible, they are nice. And I have to say, prior to Aidan and the miracles of medicine that saved him - I would NEVER have said that!

  2. Wow!! What a whirlwind birth, huh? I totally relate, girl, we had the NICU experience, too. Modern medicine is incredible, glad he's happy & home with you both now! He is too cute. My husband was in the NICU for a week when he was born, too, he was close to 10 pounds haha!

  3. Oh my, 8 weeks! That would have been hard.

    Who knows what goes through babies' minds? I'm sure being alone causes some trauma for them, but do they remember it later? I can't say that I am worse off from him being there, and I'm glad for the medical support. I don't think it prevents us from bonding now.

  4. Oh I don't think it prevents them from bonding at all. They don't remember anything from the first few months from what I can tell. And even if they couldn't be with you 24/7 in the beginning, they still know that you're their Mama. My daughter and I are very close despite her rocky beginning in the hospital. From what I saw in the NICU our she was in, the nurses are very attentive and give the babies loving attention as much as possible. So that's a comforting thought :) You're a great mom! So glad to be able to follow this new journey with you.

  5. I just read this again, and LOVE your matter-of-fact point of view "I knew he had to be over there somewhere"....that is definitely the approach to take with mothering, so you don't drive yourself distracted! I'm waiting for the next installment!

  6. I completely agree about the NICU nurses, very compassionate.

    I guess sometimes you just have to realize things are not in your hands. Also, I was really out of it after delivering a baby! I think sleep deprivation helps dull the senses a bit. :)


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