Saturday, June 30, 2012


It is too hot to do a lot of exploring these days, but we have had some interesting fellowship. Last Saturday we had a visit from my college friends. During the week we attended a church potluck, visited friends, and had an "international" dinner with some people my parents have been reaching out to. A few evenings ago we attending an art opening and heard an interesting lecture.

It's funny noting how many people are connected to Russia in some way, at least when the topic comes up.

A family friend came over to notarize some documents and shared how he and his family had lived in Moscow one year.

If it's someone from the church where I grew up, then many members or at least someone in their family went on one of the trips we took over several years.

Yesterday we celebrated Andrei's birthday! So far the baby has missed sharing his mother or father's birthdays. But that's okay as it isn't his due date yet. July 6th is his (Russian) grandfather's birthday and potential due date. So we'll see if he picks that day or decides to choose to have his own!


  1. Sounds like you're having a very pleasant,relazing time. I am sure you are happy to have Andrei with you!

  2. You look great Elizabeth! How nice to visit your family at this time.

  3. You are ADORABLE! Sounds like you are doing fantastic and that baby is doing well, too. I had no idea you moved back to the U.S.! I need to find you on facebook I guess :-P

  4. Actually, we are just in the U.S. for the summer!

  5. Oh too funny! Well I hope you all have a lovely, lovely summer! Has your precious bundle of joy entered the world yet?

  6. Actually, he has, but he's in the NICU right now on antibiotics, hopefully he'll be home soon!


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