Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bureaucracy at its "best"

The officials have done a really good job this time, sending us from office to office without anyone wanting to take responsibility and give an answer. Apparently our case is strange and perplexing. Who would have thought?

3 weeks ago (seems like longer), I spent the day at Immigration, having spent a month collecting all the documents they'd requested. Since then, we have tried several different options, none of which have been fruitful (yet).

Week One
Friday: Immigration: they are confused. I am distraught.
The following Tuesday: Immigration: they still are confused. I am calmer, but longing to be understood.
Thursday: The committee at Immigration gives us two options: We can go to Moscow (they already told us no) or go to the wedding archives. The people at the wedding archives are confused and send us to get a document. The document guy won't be in his office until Monday.

Week Two
Monday: Meet with professor guy who can get us the document.
Tuesday: The document isn't ready until evening, so we won't make it to the wedding archives. We will have to go on Thursday.
Thursday: The wedding archive lady only works 2 days a week, and isn't in her office. We talk to her assistant, who promises that we'll get a phone call.

Two weeks, one document...a little bit of progress.more/-

Week Three:
Tuesday: Still no word from the wedding archives, so we pay a visit in person. She hasn't even looked at our documents. She promises to call again.
Thursday: Still no phone call. We call and are told to come and collect our documents and try another division, as they can't do anything for us. The other office can't take us until next Thursday.

So basically Immigration thought and thought, and couldn't help us, and then the Wedding Archives thought and thought...and couldn't help us.

We were realizing today that this could take MONTHS. We might have to get the documents reviewed by several different committees without ever hearing anything definitive! Somebody somewhere needs to just tell us what to do and stick to it.

I don't have legal registration in my new passport, but I can't very well leave the country at this point either, not even a little skip across the border into Finland. So much for honeymoon plans!

A glimmer of hope: Maybe the professor's document will be enough to appease Immigration. It's worth a try. I'm going to go there first thing in the morning to get in line and try for a little negotiating.

I have been hearing about David and Goliath everywhere I go lately. It is my inspiration for now.


  1. There may be giants in the land, but they are nothing up against the power and purpose of God! Be strong in the Lord and take courage! His work in and through you will triumph :)

  2. Elizabeth, I feel for you! My daughter and I spent THREE months stuck in Kemerovo ( Southern Siberia)
    this winter bc of the same fruitless paperchase. We too couldntt leave the country but couldnt get help from anyone! In the end it was much prayer that cleared the way. I still dont know how we got out!

  3. I have to say that you have intrigued me about the "Professor's Document" (Should that be the title of a short story, or a film?) What IS this mysterious document? Whatever it is, I hope it works!

  4. FaerieMama, that must have been so frustrating! My parents have gone through two Russian adoptions and often had to jump through hoops. It is good to hear the testimonies, though, because God always works it out!

    The professor did a special translation. Instead of just translating both passports separately, he listed them along with the marriage certificate, then found a source citing American customs, and was able to then explain the procedure that had taken place, proving that I'm the same person and changed my name legitimately. Basically, what I've been explaining to everyone, but with a Ph D after his name. :)


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