Friday, February 4, 2011

Planning (sort of)

There is not much to report on the wedding front. A few if-then scenarios, that is all. Mainly we just need to figure out what is required of me, a foreigner, and then get cracking.

I'm pretty good at spending copious amounts of time Googling researching fairly narrow fields of knowledge (like uses of baking soda). Especially when there's something else I'm supposed to be doing.

Lately, I've been interested in bilingualism again.

I wrote a book review on here awhile back, but it's also fascinating just hearing about people's multicultural childhoods.

I know a lot of you bloggers have adopted children. In that case the English is more of a second language and the mother tongue is still there, somewhere. I wonder how it feels. Maybe similar to how I feel knowing Russian. I can think in both and sometimes I'm not even aware of which one I'm using. But my Russian is nowhere near being a native language.

Did any of you grow up hearing and/or speaking two languages?

I'm excited that two of my siblings already have children being exposed to different languages in addition to English (Spanish and French). It will be interesting to observe their experiences and learn from them. And it will make for unique family gatherings, as well.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Sorry.


  1. I'd give the WORLD to have two usable languages. I long to spend enough time in Russia that I'd actually be able to function, even poorly.

  2. Are you getting married in Russia? In that case, you'll have to have a civil wedding to make it legal. You'll probably also want a church wedding, but that would be a separate event. I lived in St Petersburg (on Vasilevskij Ostrov') from 2004-2005, and it seemed pretty common for the married couple to go to sites such as the Hermitage for pictures. And they break glasses on the ground and shout 'gorka!' while the couple kisses. You are probably aleady aware of this! Congratulations! Mnogaya leta. I wish you many years of joy and happiness s nashem Adreyushem.

  3. Andreyushem, not Adreyushem...that was a typo!

    God grant you both many, many years!

  4. Thanks, Hira! So fun that you lived in St. Petersburg! The church ceremony will be our main event, but we do have to have some sort of a civil ceremony. I don't know about the champagne, but if the weather's nice we will probably have a little excursion around the city!


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