Thursday, January 13, 2011

Recent reprieves

I've noticed a few times lately how have after some hard trials the Lord has surprised me with other processes being easier than expected.

-The first example of this was after getting my temporary residency (10 month-process, stress, illness, etc.) when I went to apply for a visa and it didn't turn out to be too hard after all. No long lines, no surprise requirements, no long waiting periods.

-Next, winter travel. I got waylaid by snow in Europe and almost missed being home for Christmas. There was a 3-day delay, then 3 hours spent taxiing at the airport in Paris, then arriving 3 hours (or was it 4?) late, then not getting my suitcase until 2 days later. On the way back, however all my flights were on time and I got through passport control/baggage claim in about 15 min. Looking at the amount of snow coming down at the moment in St. Pete as well as in my home state, it looks like I can be thankful that I was traveling a week ago and not today.

-And then there are my tonsils. I spent most of the fall trying to get them to calm down. Lots of bed-rest, gargling, and antibiotics. Over Christmas, they became inflamed again and I was really dreading having to go to a doctor again and take medication. But I started gargling again like crazy and when I stepped off the plane, I suddenly realized that I felt better. The infection had gone. I am sooo happy not to be sick.


  1. I'm so glad you aren't sick!

    I discovered (read somewhere) a little secret, that worked for me. When you get the first inklings that a cold or sore throat is coming on, pour a capful of hydrogen pyroxide in each ear (one at a time of course) and just lay there with it in your ear for a few minutes until the fizzing subsides. I did this before our trip to Pittsburgh and it did seem to keep me from getting the cold that seemed imminent. Of course, if you don't get a cold, you can't be sure you would have done, but it sure seemed to work.

  2. Thanks, Annie. :) I haven't tried that method, but they did prescribe hydrogen peroxide here to gargle with. I wonder what putting it in your ears would do differently?


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