Saturday, December 18, 2010

How I decorated for Christmas

I know it can be boring to look at someone else's Christmas decorations, but you also find ideas in there, so I thought I would post a few photos and explanations of what I have around the apartment.

I haven't lived in one place for long enough to warrant buying specific decorations, but I like to use the little treasures I've collected over the years. No Christmas tree here as we wouldn't put presents under it anyway. But the ornaments I do have help me feel more at home and excited about the season.

Step 1. Removal

The first thing I did was take down a lot of the pictures and other decorations that had been hanging in my bedroom. I was thinking about even using the frames and replacing the images with Christmas pictures for this season, but I haven't gotten much of that done. Still, it's nice to have a different look for now. more/-

Step 2. A little hardware goes a long way

My roommate is quite handy and put up a shelf on our kitchen wall. It immediately made such a difference. I set up a bunch of trinkets on top and a few nails provided a way to hang other ornaments.

Step 3. The postcards

I ended up making 3 Christmas card chains this year: one in the kitchen, one in my bedroom over the window, and one in my doorway. The idea might be losing its originality, but it is still a way to add some decorations when you're short on time, materials, and inspiration. Maybe next year I will get around to frames or something fancier.

Step 3. Bring out the antiques

Our landlord has some heirlooms hanging around, but told us to throw them away! We haven't had the heart to throw them away yet and are putting them to use. One box was full of old Christmas tree ornaments. This was my roommate's idea:

Step 4. The plants

Who says palms aren't Christmasy? Christ wasn't born in North America (or Russia). :)

Step 5. Color schemes

Just grouping things of one color or style can make a nice little display for one area.

Step 6. Candles

Whether you're planning on lighting them or not, candles make a nice statement. Here I had some leftovers from the Advent wreath, and placed them in a basket.

So the moral of the story is: use what you have and give old things new life, especially if they remind you of a special time or person. And even more importantly, if they help you focus on Christ.


  1. Now I feel like decorating instead of cleaning!

  2. Hee hee. I'm updating my recipe blog too. Are we going to have a cookie party?

  3. Liz I love your decorations. I'm going to decorate Thursday when I'm finally off and don't plan to go anywhere but maybe the nearby park for some walking.


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