Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Russian care package

My Russian friends who are from up north often say they have to "meet the train," and this means that their relatives have sent a parcel on the train via a traveling friend or acquaintance, that now has to be picked up.

The contents usually consist of something edible: canned goods like jam and pickles; berries, etc.

Well, my roommate had been complaining about missing foods from "home" (up north), and then the other day we got a parcel containing salami, smoked fish, and pressed deer meat.

My roommate showed me how to take the head and skin off the fish before eating it. I like the taste, although I'm not sure I like the process...


  1. I don't know about the deer meat, but my kids would go crazy for the rest of that meal.... I must say I get those heads off prior to their arrival on the table, but I even like the smoked fish, honestly.

  2. My roommate says it is tastier when you do the removal with your fingers rather than cut into it with utensils, which mashes the bones into the flesh. But you could still delicately remove the heads beforehand.

  3. The entire process of slaughtering animals for consumption is a bit sketchy, and it provides an interesting irony: squeamishness preceding enjoyment and satiation.
    I never thought about it in quite that way before.

  4. I would argue that the squeamishness comes from how we DON'T "slaughter" animals nowadays; we just buy the meat, not being completely sure of its origins. Perhaps it IS a bit odd that people raise animals for food for other people. It would be a different psychological experience to raise your own food, knowing it was for feeding your family.

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