Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I was walking home one evening a few weeks ago, and my road had been torn up during the day, just like that.

That's my building (the one in the middle of the photo) across the street. How would I get home? see more/-

Turn right and go past the building materials...

Turn left and trot over the bridge(s). They built the right one first and it was quite a feat to get over! The second one is MUCH better except for in one spot where there is sort of a half step because they didn't space them evenly and there was too big of a step at the end.

Just what are they doing?

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  1. That is pretty funny - and SO Russian (the land without lawsuits, I always think). The hotel we stayed in in Ivanovo was new, but still had some stairs with random steps of a different height. So startling! Perhaps the one on the right is the "handicapper" one. I always laughed at some of the amazingly steep handicap ramps in Moscow. There was one in the subway I simply couldn't fathom - unless someone pushing a wheelchair was amazingly strong, the wheelchair and the person pushing it would have gone down that thing at a breath-taking clip!


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