Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Worrisome Wednesdays

Today was my first Wednesday without a headache! Hurrah. The last few Wednesdays I have had bad ones and I’m wondering if it had something to do with the Tuesday commute. Last week it took me 3 hours to get home! Yesterday, Mary and I decided to try taking the train instead of the bus, and it was a lot smoother. No traffic jams and plenty of seats! And I only got yelled at once; that was for going to the wrong ticket counter (she yelled at me as she took my money and tore off the ticket; apparently it wasn't such a big problem).

I have another problem with Wednesdays, though: apathy. I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning. When I did, I looked in my prayer journal and saw that the one prayer request from last Wednesday was: "motivation."

Hmmm. So what is going on here? Is it a midweek thing or a long-term case of lethargy? I decided to investigate a little further. On several Saturdays in a row I had written "diligence" or "discipline." Then on Sundays and Mondays I often wrote "energy." Apparently, each day of the week has its own trials!

Tomorrow is Thursday. I skipped several Thursdays; apparently I either didn't pray that day or couldn't think of anything to write down.

The conclusion is that I have no conclusion. But despite the ongoing struggles that keep finding their way into my prayer journal, God has answered a lot of specific prayers this week: for my documents (at least on my end), for no more headaches, and for a friend to successfully deliver her baby.


  1. What an interesting way to present your petitions! One word. I like that idea; it is intriguing. I am perhaps far too wordy with God! In fact, maybe that IS a big problem with my prayer. I find myself wandering off and getting distracted...

  2. I enjoyed your post. Thank goodness for prayer journals. Actually, that goodness for God! Be blessed!

  3. Well, it's more a list of items than a journal! I write it down to remind myself but I expand a little more in prayer. :) And normally the more specific ones are the ones I can see answered. Praying for broad changes in my own character unfortunately is harder to monitor.


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