Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Olympics

Too emotionally exhausted to write about today's TESOL training. Afterwards, my sister and I went swimming at the local YMCA. I wore my glasses so I wouldn't lose my contacts, and I had to stick to freestyle/backstroke because I have hip problems. So I paddled around blindly with a kickboard. My sister and I pretended we were in the Olympics and said "beep beep" if we were in danger of bumping into each other.

In the locker room, I asked my sister if I looked all muscular from our workout. "Yeah, you look like a female Michael Phelps," she said. You know it's true. :)


  1. That's funny!
    We come in Sept 3rd! We have our tickets.

  2. This guy is amazing. There's a story on the web saying that as a kid he was ridden with ADD and so, his mom said, "Go and swim to wear yourself out!" And he did!

    Liz, do you see lots of muscles on your body when you flex them?

  3. I don't have my plane tickets yet, it might be a little later.

    I think anyone that makes it to the Olympics is amazing! Unfortunately the commentating is a little biased sometimes.

    If I use my imagine, I can see a lot of muscles!

  4. "If I use my imagine, I can see a lot of muscles!"



  5. Haha, can you tell I've been hanging around non-native English speakers all day?


  6. Oh, no, I got it!

    "Haha, can you tell I've been hanging around non-native English speakers all day?


    You are an exquisite type of a woman. Why would you want to get muscles? Leave it to you future beau.

  7. "your"

    I always miss the "r" in your. Have no idea why. My russian brain has something to do with that.

  8. LOL, okay, thanks for the advice!

  9. I know what you mean about "hanging around non-English speakers". Since I've started this telephone tutoring, I find myself speaking to my family members and even people on the phone V E R Y S L O W L Y. I do not use big words. And I use complete sentences. I want to be a good example. :)


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