Friday, July 4, 2008

Terms of Endearment, continued

Dear Disappointed Reader who got to my blog by searching for "Terms of Endearment in Russian" (as evidenced by my stat counter),

I'm sorry if you didn't find what you were looking for. If you're planning on finding yourself a Russian bride, I hope that your intentions are honorable. I also hope that you learn a little more Russian than "terms of endearment," so that you will be able to communicate with her Mamochka and Papochka and Babulya.

I'm sorry if you're a linguist and were hoping to find a treatise on the richness of the Russian language. Although I majored in Russian Studies, I'm far too engrossed in trying to perfect my everyday survival Russian to meditate on the wonders of this Slavic tongue. I also teach English, so unfortunately a number of my posts focus more on my own native language and how to make it accessible to Russians.

If you're still interested, welcome to my blog!

That is all.


  1. How funny. I found one of my good blog friends through a search I was doing for work. I needed to write something for the bulletin, and did a piece on those entering the church, and was looking for some quotations on "converts"...and lo, and behold, I found a blog where my friend shared her conversion surprised I was when I found that we had some "blog-friends" in common, and that they are adopting, too (from Liberia).... So - who knows?

    Happy Independence Day!

  2. LOL!

    Russian brides... A bride always presupposes something pure and lovely... A russian bride... I think it sounds bad. Who came up with this notion? I am sure some moron at a computer who made tons of money on innocent foreigners. Stupid people. On both side. Those who scam and those who fall prey.

    But I wanted to make a comment to just say: Happy 4th of July America!!!! The fireworks are going everywhere!

    Лиза, как вобще твой русский? Ты хорошо разговариваешь на нём? Я начинаю забывать мой язык. Здесь нет русских, что бы разговаривать на нём.

  3. Yeah, the internet certainly makes the world seem a lot smaller!

    Vitali, how did you end up in the U.S.? Obviously you weren't a "russian bride," but maybe there was something specific you were looking for?

    If you want to practice your Russian, you can check out my new Russian blog (link in sidebar). I'm not sure if I will continue with it, though. You can also look at the other Russian blogs in my links.

    And for communicating with Russians online, I recommend registering at You could probably find a lot of old friends on there. It's popular in St.Petersburg anyway, I don't know about other cities.

  4. Elizabeth, no it wasn't that I was a Russian bride. You are SOOOOOO mean! I visited the US 3 times on several different occasions before I got an opportunity to stay here. It's a long story (mainly it's all happened because I was involved in short term missions). The last time I came here, I came to a small bible college. Then I got a job that allowed me to immigrate.

    Thanks for the link, I will check it out. Your Russian is ok... I'd say... everage...

    Just kidding! It's actually very, very good! I hope you speak it just as well as you write in it. In the last 20 years I've only met one person who spoke Russian fluently (he was from the UK). Maybe you will change the trend. Americans have a very hard time nailing it down. Don't know why.


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