Friday, July 10, 2009

What I'm doing

In reference to my recent varied book reviews, someone asked (jokingly) what I was up to with all this research into different churches.

I am not planning anything, nor doing serious research. It's just a season I'm in. While I have a little more time and better access to libraries and books in English, I am soaking up information through reading.

I do enjoy reading books on the church. I normally look for books that seem to have solid doctrine, in line with my own. I don't usually continue reading a book if I can tell from the first few pages that I don't agree with the viewpoint. If I want to learn more about that viewpoint, I read a review or synopsis, so as not to waste time and energy on something that I am just going to argue with. But I do try to make sure that I have trustworthy sources so that I don't misrepresent anything.

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As I wrote last fall, I don't always understand what churches are looking for when they make changes to their services, or their way of "doing church." In most cases where change is needed, I think we need to search the Scriptures and seek the Lord. I've been reading a little bit about the "emergent" church, which aims to make Christianity relevant; about "orthodoxy" (I still haven't gotten very far), which supposedly is so constant as to transcend culture; about cultural wars which affect Christianity, and now, a book about the great need for expository preaching.

I'll take book recommendations, if you think you have something I would be interested in.


  1. One of my favorite non-Catholic authors is Richard Foster. I imagine you will have read him.

    I really enjoy your book reviews!

    I think your father is a minister - what denomination is he?

  2. Thanks! I did read bits of "Freedom of Simplicity." The funny thing is that I can't remember what I thought of it. I had to go back and read my old "simplicity" post to remember. I'm not sure that I would agree with Richard Foster about everything, but he has some good ideas.

    My father has a degree from Gordon-Conwell and is an elder in our church. Our church is non-denominational.

  3. Well, Liz, you are in for a big surprise, because, there are, virtually, no churches across the world today that are biblical.

    Heretic churches: pentecostal, baptist, mennonite, charismatic, vineyard, LDS, JW, community, fellowship, etc. are continuing to thrive. And rightfully so, for the devil doesn't care about them.

    In my estimate, 90% of American churches and about 60% of the world churches are apostate. They should be ashamed of what they preach and do.

    Apostate radio programs: Focus on the Family, Turning Point, Insight for Living, and a few others. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    Nothing is real anymore. It's all about money. Shame on you DR. Dobson! (Why do you insist on being called a DR.?) And some others, shame on you. There are men and women, all around you, right now, that have no means to existance or to pay their bills, yet you reside in your stupid mansions, thinking you are a gift of God to the humanity. Shame on you, I say!

  4. Hello Elizabeth, my name is Eddy from America; our church is planning on going on missions to St. Petersburg to encourage our fellow missionary pastor there. I just wanted to ask you some questions on how God is moving in that area and what are some of the needs of the people there. Please e-mail me at, we only have a month and I am trying to dig up as much information as I can so that the trip will be effective for the people we serve there and for us as well. Thanks and God bless



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