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In medias res

It was a very scatter-brained sort of day that started out with not being able to get dressed. This is not a rare occurrence in the winter, but on this particular day it was related to not wanting to go to my doctor's appointment. After dawdling for awhile, I ended up having to sprint over the snow and bumpy ice to get there on time.

So far, so good. I went and checked my coat right away and put the plastic bag-thingies on my shoes. But how was I supposed to check in? I didn't know if I had to go the registration desk or not, so I did, just in case, and told them I had an appointment...but didn't remember the doctor's last name. "It's the rheumatologist, " I said confidently. The receptionist looked confused. "He's not in until evening," she said. D'oh. I gave my last name and she looked me up. "You have an appointment with the TRAUMATOLOGIST," she said. "The orthopedist." Whoops. They sounded the same in Russian to m…


Andrey and I announced our engagement at church on Sunday. We had tried to keep it a secret since the proposal in December. :) It was really fun telling everyone all at once!

Andrey was preaching and I was upstairs at Sunday School, so he had to come get me when it was time. When we entered the room, everyone broke out in loud applause! I didn't expect that.

Before saying a prayer over us, the pastor exhorted the congregation to do two things: 1) To pray for us as we prepare for marriage and 2) For married couples to invite us to have fellowship and be our mentors. It looks like we are going to do a lot of visiting in the next few months!

It's one thing when people say you make a "cute" couple or are "perfect" for each other, but when they really KNOW you and have been praying for you, it means a lot to hear them confirm that this relationship is of the Lord. We are very blessed!

Babies! (soon)

Earlier this week, we had our second church baby shower.

Russians are more superstitious about pregnancies and are not accustomed to a lot of fanfare and gifts before the baby is born, and sometimes before he/she is a few months old. Plus, it's not like the small living quarters normally allow for a lot of "stuff." But American baby shower traditions are catching on.

In this case, the moms are both expecting for the second time. One's having a girl (we think) and the other's having a boy, so we played some games with Team Blue and Team Pink. They didn't necessarily need a lot of clothing and things, but we still wanted to take the opportunity to pamper them with love and affection.

Recent reprieves

I've noticed a few times lately how have after some hard trials the Lord has surprised me with other processes being easier than expected.

-The first example of this was after getting my temporary residency (10 month-process, stress, illness, etc.) when I went to apply for a visa and it didn't turn out to be too hard after all. No long lines, no surprise requirements, no long waiting periods.

-Next, winter travel. I got waylaid by snow in Europe and almost missed being home for Christmas. There was a 3-day delay, then 3 hours spent taxiing at the airport in Paris, then arriving 3 hours (or was it 4?) late, then not getting my suitcase until 2 days later. On the way back, however all my flights were on time and I got through passport control/baggage claim in about 15 min. Looking at the amount of snow coming down at the moment in St. Pete as well as in my home state, it looks like I can be thankful that I was traveling a week ago and not today.

-And then there are my tonsils. I…