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How we got married the first time

It feels awkward writing about being legally married and making wedding plans at the same time.

So here's the truth: Andrei and I had our civil wedding ceremony on April 17th of this year. I hadn't wanted to make a big deal out of it because Russians DO make a big deal out of it, and we want the spotlight to be on our church wedding.

Whenever we mention to someone here that we already had our "registration," we get a big CONGRATS and "I didn't know! Already? When?"

Sometimes we wear our wedding rings, like when getting my new passport, or going for Andrei's U.S. visa. Legally we were allowed to do all this, as husband and wife. But in general we won't consider ourselves truly married until we've had the church ceremony.

So that's that. Just wanted to clear up any confusion. And now, for the civil wedding report: continue/-

After taking care of some necessary paperwork and applying for a marriage license, we had signed up to be legally m…

Another orphanage update

I must have gotten sidetracked, as I never did finish my orphanage series that I started a few months ago.

I only visited one orphanage regularly this past school year as I felt that the doors were finally closed at the other one...the one that had always presented a challenge.

Then a woman contacted me from a local church. It turns out that she had found me through a mutual friend online and seen photos of familiar kids while perusing my photo albums. First she seemed suspicious as to how I knew the kids, and then we figured out that we were both Christians and reaching out to the kids with a common goal.

They had been visiting the kids in the orphanage too, doing crafts, organizing parties, and even inviting some of the kids to their homes.

The current administration doesn't let the church group visit anymore, so they're now in the same position as I am: wondering if there is a way to continue this ministry, and if so, how?

But it turns out that God has been answering my pra…