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Friday Eve

Goodness, that week went by fast!

We have been passing cold symptoms around this family for the past month. I was sick nearly the whole time we were in the hospital, but ironically, I had to hide it from the nurses! After we got discharged from the hospital last week, Andrei wasn't feeling well. Then all of a sudden, David was coughing. So I stayed home with him on Sunday and Andrei decided he felt well enough to attend church.

David's burn

On Monday we made another trip to the hospital. It actually didn't take longer than driving, but we hit a few snags: first our tram was delayed and then when we got to the other side of town, the trolley we were on broke down-actually, the door got stuck open because of the cold, so we had to evacuate. Thankfully, there was another trolley right behind us and we jumped on. We got there in time to catch the doctor, and he removed David's bandage, this time for good! The rest of the healing will take place in the comfort of our home.


Worst Fears Realized

Okay, that title may be a bit over-dramatic, but I did have to face two of my bigger fears recently. They just happened to be parenting moments, too.

1) Gruesome injuries. I shudder when I hear the word "stitches." I meticulously hide the poisons and the chokeables. And I wonder on occasion what range of injuries I will have to attend to as a mother. Sometimes out of interest and sometimes out of dread.

2) Russian (and/or foreign) hospital stay. It's a different culture, a different language, and a different medical philosophy. The problems start with forgetting your slippers...

So David ushered us into new parenting realms last week when he had a scalding water incident. He reached up to drink from a mug on the table that happened to contain hot freshly brewed tea (we actually use the same mugs for plain drinking water). Both Andrei and I were home and worked together to get him under cold water and try to figure out what to do. The skin was peeling off in some places …