Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wedding countdown

Nastia's wedding is on Friday...

My mom decided that the rehearsal dinner needed a personal touch, so she's creating some surprises out of African fabric.


That's along with the cleaning and cooking. Dessert is top priority, of course.

Dad has been fixing things and "purging" the basement and garage, which is not necessarily related to the wedding, but adds to the flurry of activity. He's been advertising things on Craig's List or putting it out on the curb, and people often stop by to look.

Meanwhile, I heard some noise on the roof the other day and later learned that it was the Wildlife Removal Personnel, AKA the "Bat Man." Those little critters are going to be gone soon!

Also, someone came and was looking at the gutter. And on Thursday the tent people are coming.

A relative passed away over the weekend, and my father went to Long Island to do the funeral, which is tomorrow. Unfortunately, we can't all go because we have wedding guests arriving at various times tomorrow.

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