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Halloween Senses

I'm not a huge fan of Halloween in general, but it helps take me back to my childhood. I realized that I still have very strong associations, even having lived outside of the U.S. for 13 years (and being away at college before that).

These are some of my sharpest memories. Play along if you'd like! You could even think of yours before reading mine: What do you SEE, HEAR, TASTE, TOUCH, SMELL on Halloween night?

See: The orange glow of the jack o' lantern with the candle flickering inside.

Hear: The crunch of the leaves underfoot and the thud of the candy bar falling into the bag and joining the others. When staying home, the footsteps on the porch and the doorbell ringing....

Taste: The pepperoni pizza we used to order each Halloween so we could be free to "man the door." And of course, the candy.

Touch: The icky gooey pumpkin guts! And the smooth plastic wrappers of all the little candy bars we would sort as soon as we got home. :)

Smell: Leaves. Pumpkin spice is YUM…

Things open in my browser

Not lacking in blog post ideas, just thought this was a fun game to play if you're the type to have multiple projects going at once.

Apparently I've been filing away ideas for future shopping trips or even places to live/vacation.

-Gmail inbox
-Real Estate in Bulgaria (don't ask)
-Article about expat life in Bulgaria
-Kids' play kitchen on Avito (like Craig's List)
-Life in Bulgaria article in Russian
-Blog post I wanted to comment on, "She Builds Her Home"
-Blog post I wanted to comment on, "Bethany Vitaro"
-Carter's outfits for Sophia for 2018

I guess that shows my more materialistic side or something, but really it's just projects I'm working on that I give attention to for a few minutes at a time.

What about you? If you don't keep lots of browser tabs open, what's in your recent history?

My recently closed ones are:

-Christian radio station Теос (Andrei was on yesterday)
-Our church forum on VK

Splitting up

Have you ever been in a church split? How did it make you feel? How did you deal with it? Were you a leaver or one left behind? One going out or sending?

We have "lost" maybe 2/3 of our congregation in the last 6 months. Doesn't matter why, but I feel like I have to grieve a little bit.

Reactions may vary and range from gossip to prayer to the hope of a turning over a new leaf. The problem with the optimistic approach, I've found, is that it doesn't allow for processing what's happened. And what has happened? It's quite typical/normal for followers of Christ to move on and worship in a new group of like-minded believers. There can be many reasons for this and they don't even have to be super "spiritual."

But when people leave because of some sort of conflict or unfulfilled dream, it feels to me like giving up on relationships. It feels like divorce. I know some might argue with me and say that sounds harsh. And I know divorce isn't the …

September Survey/Selfie

What I've been...

Reading: Liar's Winter (Appalachian) by Cindy Sproles, Tanglewood trilogy by Rachael Anderson, Chamomile trilogy by Susan F. Craft

Watching: Zero time for TV!

Cooking/Eating: Homemade salsa (canning recipe), chebureki, mushroom soup

Listening to: Still the same! Super Simple Songs on YouTube-perfect for toddlers.

Striving towards: Being fit (see previous post).

Looking forward to: Decorating for the holidays.

What David is up to: Starting some craft/preschool type classes.

What Sophia is up to: Copying, climbing, getting into everything.

Your turn!