Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meeting an illustrator

My mom and I went to an opening of Tomie dePaola's original illustrations. It's good timing because I'm working on a drawing project at the moment. The exhibit is at the Eric Carle Museum, where a lot of Eric Carle's originals are displayed in the main gallery.

Here I am with the "Very Hungry Caterpillar" who is perched on top of a big "cake" (my arms are of equal length in real life).


I love Tomie dePaola's books (Strega Nona, Pancakes for Breakfast, The Quilt Story...), but the original illustrations were even better. I wish I could post some images, but there was no photography allowed in the gallery. I saw that he used acrylic paint for most of them, and it made me want to start over since I've been using watercolor and it's coming out a little...well, watery.

Oh well, he is turning 75, so I still have a chance. After looking at the paintings, the artist gave a little interview. He has a youthful demeanor that explains why he's so good at writing for children! I might go back for some more of his talks.


  1. What a great opportunity. We use a number of his books in our program - he's done some lovely ones on Mary and St. Francis, the Three Kings, etc.

  2. We purchased "The Parables..." and "The Miracles of Jesus," since they seem to stick pretty close to the text. We also have his book of Bible stories.


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