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Book recommendation/Caveat

It's March, and I have just enough time to squeeze in a book review for Reading Month. Unfortunately, my Kindle bit the dust some months back, so I haven't been indulging in literature much as of late.

However, I have a series that I wanted to share. I've started to write about it a few times and always stopped just short. The first book in the series is called "Chop, Chop" (by L.N. Cronk) and you can download it free for Kindle here.
And what's worse,' she went on, 'is that on Sunday we're going to get back onto a plane and go back to our houses and our TVs and our hot tubs and we're going to forget about all this.''No we won't, Laci. We won't forget.'She wiped her eyes and glared at me.'Yes, we will. You say we won't, but after we get home we'll feel differently. It won't ever feel like this again.' -Chop, Chop (L.N. Cronk) to describe this series? For one thing, the dialogues are all like th…

Outings and non-outings

I'd been attending rehearsals for a "praise and worship" night for about the last 6 weeks, and then woke up yesterday feeling congested-yuck. So I stayed home.

It was a week of staying at home. Even though the sun came back, there was a rather brisk wind that made it pretty chilly for outdoor excursions. It was really nice to get caught up on some indoor activities. Andrei had a heavier teaching schedule, so David and I had lots of bonding time.

One day, we needed something to do and I had decided not to attempt naptime for scheduling reasons. So we stalled at home as long as possible and then headed outside to the tram stop to wait for Andrei. The last time we did that, we somehow missed him...we froze while waiting, and he came home to a missing family and no lunch ready or anything!

So I made the decision to hop on the tram in the direction of the metro. The only thing that made me nervous was that Andrei hadn't contacted me at all, and there was the possibility o…

Apartment Life

Before it snowed and got yucky again, we had some nice sunny days (including a partial solar eclipse last week!), and some spring maintenance projects were underway.

Like this one.

Every few days, a dump truck comes and dumps a full load of sand, then leaves. For the next week, a few workers gradually shovel the sand into a wheelbarrow, then take it over and lower it into the basement via the window. And then back for another load. And then the dump truck brings a delivery to the next building on the list. They started out with the building to the right of this one, and had already moved on to the one on the left, when we suddenly got snow again.

Definitely not a job to envy!

Lenten Update

I haven't been doing much to prepare for Easter. Our church is having a series of sermons, but I tend to accompany D. to Sunday school during that time.

I dug out some old Sunday school supplies to make an Easter flannelgraph for David. It depicts Christ teaching, being arrested, on the cross, and appearing again to his disciples...yeah, I squeezed it all onto one board.

David likes listening to the story even though he doesn't understand completely.

I've run across many blogs featuring Easter "gardens" with a makeshift tomb covered by actual grass. I'd like to gradually gather the supplies to make something like that, maybe next year. Right now we have some onion and garlic tops growing as a yummy spring project.

On the decorating front, it's still a little bit of dilemma. Bunnies and chicks aren't relevant enough, yet crosses aren't really garland material. I think I might do some palm fronds or something for the front hallway, and then add a R…



It's 11:45 pm and I've just put a load of laundry in, but I'm not complaining. :)

I've just had 4 days of back-to-back church activities followed by 2 days holed up at home (and actually another church thing this evening). I think ideally it would be nice to be a bit more balanced. The days I was at home just happened to be very warm and sunny, perfect for being outside, but I couldn't handle getting the two of us dressed for outside.

A tamer schedule might mean more short walks on a regular basis, or more drop-by cups of tea. But that's not realistic for city life. It seems that it's all or nothing! Everything feels like a production, and that's why I want to hibernate after a day or two of social functions. And to catch up on housework, and spend quality time with David after being so busy.

I remember when I first lived here and initially found it odd that people would stop by the grocery store almost every day after work to get an item or t…

The Origin of the Workweek

"It is a day of sabbath rest for you, and you must deny yourselves." -Leviticus 23:32

When I read this sentence recently, the wording surprised me a little bit. The funny thing is that when I went to look it up, I found other blog posts written by authors who had been just as startled by this very combination of terms.

We who spend our lives waiting for "weekends," "days off," and "vacation" may find it odd to think of a break as "denying" ourselves rather than getting a reward. To give up "productivity" in order to just stop and trust in the Lord's provision-I suppose that has something to do with the application. Or maybe to give up control, in general.

I found this little tidbit in The Atlantic:
It took decades for Saturday to change from a half-day to a full day’s rest. In 1908, a New England mill became the first American factory to institute the five-day week. It did so to accommodate Jewish workers, whose observa…

A Day in the Life...

This was one weekday last week that I decided to document!


Andrei made breakfast for us and then we went into the living room to drink tea and coffee while David had a little playtime. Then A. went into his office to work while D. and I commenced "getting ready to go outside" which is a process that takes about an the winter, at least. There are lots of interruptions and D. is pretty resistant. He's starting to understand the connection between going outside and the need to get dressed, but he just can't handle being in his coat for longer than 30 seconds while we're still inside.


It was a delightful sunny/muddy day with no agenda...except perhaps a photo or two for my blog. I didn't even really care if we got dirty. David is into rocks now and we got a dumptruck full of them and then spent our walk trying to make sure they didn't fall out when we went over bumps. There was puddle-stomping too, and D. eventually fell down and…

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Near our house...

 In the meantime, let's put up a plaque..

To censor or not to censor?

Sometimes I feel like this social networking debate is coming to a head. In all honesty, I don't pay much attention to the news and various privacy laws. But I do sometimes read articles or comments made by people I know.

I know a lot of people are worried about how much FB "owns" and controls, and I admit that it's a little scary if you think about it...essentially one agent practically watching you live your life. I wonder if there is any sort of equivalent in previous generations that we could compare it to.

BUT....I still can't quite bring myself to care much. I guess I haven't really figured out the implications. Is there anything scandalous that could be used to blackmail me? No. Inappropriate photos? No. Do I care if people see photos of David? No. Is there controversial political commentary? Not really.

I'm sure you could find out a lot about me and my world views via my FB page. Once my last name got out there, there wasn't much anonymity le…