Thursday, June 5, 2008

Back in Mother Russia

For those of you waiting for Africa details, here's a teaser while I'm recovering from various travel ailments. This little guy was part of the bride price that my brother had to deliver to the family.

A couple people have already posted some nice descriptions of the wedding(s), so I encourage you to visit their sites.


  1. That was a true JOY! Thank you for sharing the other descriptions and photos of the wedding. What a rich experience! Your brother is so handsome! And YOU looked exquisite in your African-fabric dress. I agree with your poor sister that hers was less complimentary (if I'd been there, I'd have been in her position - I can just FEEL it).

    Thank you so much for including your blog friends in this joyful occasion - your new sister in law is lovely and it sounds like she has a wonderful family. Do you have any description of your "past" - family, upbringing, etc. on your blog somewhere? I am so intrigued!

  2. I started the blog to write about life in Russia, so it starts up with me already living here. But, maybe I'll write about some background info later on.


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