Tuesday, June 10, 2008


It’s hard to believe that a week ago I was in Africa, feeling quite ill and not even able to eat. It reminds me of a time when I had a bad cold and also didn’t feel like eating. I opened up my Bible and it was the place in 1 Kings where Elijah is at the end of his strength and the angel of the Lord tells him to “Get up and eat.” God always gives us that boost to keep us going. A few days ago as I sat down to a meal, I was very thankful to have my appetite and general health restored.

Returning to Russia from the Congo was probably the first time that I entered Russia after being in a place with worse economic conditions (unless you count going from the camp back to the city). Usually I'm coming from the U.S. or some place in Europe, and it's hard to adjust. But now, everything seems so calm and familiar. Even the problems are like old friends: the daily commute, the lines, the dirt and grayness…

I even like the lack of eye contact and interaction on the street-not because it’s pleasant, but because I know that it’s what’s normal, and that I won’t offend anyone by not greeting them the right way.

“Home is where the heart is.” This is true, but your heart can be in many different places. I think that home is wherever God wants you to be. Because abiding in Him is like coming home.

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