Saturday, May 8, 2010

Times are changing

I had anticipated that the first half of this year would be fairly hectic due to applying for residency. I put some things on hold for that reason.

My normal policy had been, when I had a free day or half a day, to fill it with some sort of activity. And I usually didn't have to look for long, as there was always some task to do or a dear friend to spend time with.

For the past few months, however, I haven't been as eager to get out and do things. My classes are mid-day and it's a bit hard to work around that. I had to do some phone-calling and investigating related to getting my documents in order, and that took quite a bit of emotional energy, I guess. I think it was good for me, though. Maybe I've reached a new stage of independence. read more/-

So since handing in my documents I've been trying to go down that list of opportunities and start saying yes again.

-Last weekend, I had some friends over for a pizza party.
-I met up with some people during the week and e-mailed a few places to inquire about volunteering.

-I'm also looking into job opportunities and finding out how having residency will change my options.

-Today, I went to a scrap-booking class with some people I didn't know. I hadn't really done anything very creative since all the Christmas projects ended, but I think I'm getting ready to try again.


  1. On the second pic, it looks like that you really had some fun with your friend. :)
    Good luck on the residency application and especially for the job hunting. :)


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