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Sideways photos

Certain Blogger glitches have been driving me nuts.

-The new photo editor, as far as I know, does not let you adjust the size of the photo manually. Sometimes I choose "small," but there is no way to to click and drag at the corners to make it even smaller or to get a custom size in between the prescribed "small" and "medium."

-Photos sometimes upload sideways. If this has happened to you I'm sure you understand how aggravating it can be. They blame it on a Canon incompatibility, blah blah blah. I experimented with some file formats in Paint, and .PNG seems to fix the sideways problem. You can do your editing elsewhere and then just open the file in Paint and save it with the new extension. I'm sure there is probably a more sophisticated way to do it, but this works for me. :)


  1. I was just messing with this today. I ended up doing something like that...saving it somewhere else, and changing it there, then uploading it.

    And then you can't really control where they show up on the page all that well.... Somehow you'd think that in "this day and age" it would be easier!

  2. As far as fixing the sizes, I can help you with that -- be warned, though, I *am* a math teacher and this is my solution....

    Go into the HTML and find the height and width of the photo. It should be some number followed by px (pixels). Tweak that number by multiplying or dividing both dimensions by the same number (scale factor). For instance, I often choose the large size and then divide both dimensions by 2. Maybe for a bit of a challenge you can multiply by 2/3 or 75%. :) Then you can go back to the compose/preview window and check it out.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Okay, that doesn't seem too hard, although I might have to use a calculator. :) Thanks, Jessica!

    Now how about the positioning? Is there any way to play with the margins/padding? And would a "br" command help with spacing above and below?

  4. Yeah, I think a "br" command would help with spacing above and below. I'm not sure about margins--the only thing I can think of is to change the layout when you upload a photo via Blogger.


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