Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Only time

Since when is 27 "almost 30"? I have been getting a lot of comments lately... but a lot can happen in three years! After all, you wouldn't call a 7 yr old "almost 10," would you?

Has time sped up?

I was marveling recently at college students' ability to keep a vibrant conversation going up until 10:30 pm. At first I attributed my bewilderment to personality differences. For some of us, it can be so draining to engage in hours of intense fellowship. Right?

But then I thought...wait a minute...I used to love to do that, back in my "youth." I recalled, particularly during freshman year of college, our habit of lounging in the dorm parlor until 4 or 5 am, mostly on weekends, but on weeknights too. There was so much to talk about, and it was so interesting to get to know new people.

Joie de vivre?

Maybe I don't have the stamina anymore for all-nighters, but this season of life must hold something special, too. Right?


  1. 27 is not "almost 30"! You're still in your mid or even upper mid 20's. :) For me the years between 25 and 30 were ones of adventure and growth and hold some of my favorite memories, at least of my life before my kids. Of course this season of life holds something special for you. Enjoy it! :)

  2. People tend to round up the number of a person's age, but I completely disagree if they say 27 years old is almost 30. It's just as hilarious as a cashier who demands you to pay $30 for the item that cost $27!
    Well, when I was at the college, I used to meet my friends so often, says 1-3 times a week, and I liked it, but now I don't enjoy it if I have to meet my friends that often, since in the end there's nothing much to talk about.
    Every season in life has its own blessing, so just enjoy it. :)


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